Learn More About Our Handcrafted Dog Rope Leashes

  • by Woofo Empawrium

Built with traditional splicing techniques, straight from the sailing industry, we use the most secure way to connect a rope. No knots to get in the way, or come undone.


Rated to 200kg, and weighing only 100grams.

The 360-degree aluminum swivel clip we use is very lightweight. At 15grams it won't drag your dog’s martingale down, or won’t bounce around like a bell. 

The aluminum swivel clip is very easy to clip on and off, producing a satisfying snap; and rotates smoothly, even under heavy load.

The wrist loop with its 350mm circumference hugs the wrist comfortably and securely. It will not slip off the wrist like some of those large, padded loops you often see.

Every leash is handmade with love in New Zealand.

(Photo by Will O on Unsplash)


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