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Unleash the Joy: The Benefits of Different Dog Leash Lengths for Everyday Walks

Every dog owner knows that daily walks are essential for a happy and healthy pup. However, the leash you choose can greatly impact the quality of your outings. With a variety of leash lengths available, it's important to understand the benefits of each to ensure both you and your furry friend enjoy your everyday walks to the fullest. In this blog, we'll explore the advantages of different dog leash lengths, helping you make an informed decision for your daily walks.


1200mm - Precision and Training

A 1.2m leash provides exceptional control over your dog. It's perfect for crowded areas or if you’re working with a strong puller. This length allows you to quickly respond to unexpected situations. 

  • Ensures close control 
  • Excellent for reinforcing good leash manners
  • Great in high-traffic areas
  • Minimises the risk of tangling or tripping


    1400mm - The Perfect Balance

    A 1.4-meter leash offers a bit more room for your dog to explore without compromising control. It's a great choice for a balance between control and freedom during your walks. 1.4m is our personal favourite.

    • Provides control with slightly more freedom
    • Provides you and your dog more comfort during walks
    • Ideal for all types of environments


      1600mm - Freedom with Control

      A 1.6-meter leash allows your dog more freedom to roam and sniff around while maintaining your control. This is ideal for parks and open spaces.

      • Enables dogs to explore while still being safely connected to you
      • A versatile choice suitable for various environments
      • Will allow your dog to sniff along those fence lines while you’re able to remain on the footpath.


        1800mm & 2000mm - Extended Freedom

        It provides your dog with a significant amount of freedom, making it the perfect option for open areas like fields or beaches. They are ideal for dogs that already have good walking manners.

        • Provides much more room to explore
        • Perfect for relaxed walks in open spaces while still in control
        • Can be used for recall training or practising commands
        • Best option for modifying (knot in an extra handle etc)


          Custom Sizes - Personalised options

          Dogs and people come in all shapes and sizes; a 1.4m leash is going to provide a very different experience for a 6’ person coupled with a Schnauzer, compared to a 5’ person walking an Irish Wolfhound. This article is more of a rough guideline to give you somewhere to start along your journey to finding the perfect leash for you. All leashes are made to order, so just let us know if you’re after a specific length not listed above.

          • Provides the most freedom of personalisation

          So, there you have it—the leash lengths decoded! We hope this guide has provided you with valuable insights to help you select the perfect leash length for your everyday strolls!