A Story So Far...

We are Cai, Joe, Zephyr🐶 & Teddy🐶 and we live in Auckland, New Zealand. (P.S. We look all smiling in this photo, but having these two long-leg boney dogs on our lap was painful! 😂)⠀Zephyr and Teddy are our shop assistants that always get caught sleeping during working hours.⠀

Her side of the story:

It started with us adopting our first greyhound from Greyhound As Pets New Zealand, Zephyr; who being a sighthound needed a martingale collar. Upon being introduced to these wide collars, the graphic designer in me saw a canvas with the potential to showcase some unique designs. From there I immediately started to source fabrics with unique patterns, while I began to design some on my own. 

It was with a simple wish to make every dog look stylish and unique that I started Woofo Empawrium to design and produce martingale collars. I also started to illustrate and design greyhound related products for our lovely greyhound owners.


His side of the story:

Upon getting our first greyhound it took me about 2 days to become infuriated with the leash we had, and another week to realise there were no better options out there; so I decided to just make my own, and It all just sort of snowballed from there.

The goal was to come out with a durable, comfortable and functional option, and I think that’s what I’ve ended up with. I’m hoping you’ll feel the same once you give it a go!

Source: Air New Zealand Inflight Magazine Kia Ora - August 2020
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