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Why do Dogs use Martingale Collars?

Martingale collars have been the go to collar for sighthounds for just about ever, but recently they have become increasingly more common to see on other dogs breeds outside of just Greyhounds and Whippets; but why is this? Below, I’ll aim to outline the different reasons why people use martingale collars, and help you decide if a martingale collar might be worth considering, or even be the best option for your pup.

Martingale collars can be a lifesaver when it comes to preventing dogs from slipping out of their collars. 

Their claim to fame is their ability to resize. Sighthounds such as Greyhounds, Shelties and Whippets have heads smaller than their necks, so this ability to resize is required to prevent them from slipping out of their collars. Though they are specifically required for sighthounds, this doesn’t mean that you don’t receive the same benefit with other breeds. Allowing you to have a looser, more comfortable collar on your dog, but with the security of the tightly fit one. (especially helpful with ‘big fur’ dogs)

They are smart on-leash collars.

Martingales are designed to be used on leash. They sit loosely around your pup’s neck and only tighten when pulled on, giving control and security when necessary, without sacrificing on the comfort of your dog.

We recommend you use your martingale collar as a functional dog jacket. You wear it when you go outside, and take it off when you get home.

They are comfortable to wear.

Martingale collars sit loosely and comfortably over your dog’s neck, and when pulled spread any pulling force evenly around the neck by tightening up, rather than focusing all the force directly on the front of your dog’s neck, as with standard collars.

Our collars are also wider than regular collars, which when coupled with the above point allows any force and pressure to be spread over a much larger surface area which is not only more comfortable for your dog, but safer for them as well.

They are a helpful training aid.

If your pup is still learning good leash manners, he/she can be more likely to pull during walks. This kind of behaviour can cause choking and injury. Especially if you’re using the wrong products.

The unique function of a martingale collar can act as a training cue, so your pup can clearly associate the tightening of the collar with pulling, with the collar loosening once pressure is removed, providing immediate feedback.

They are stylish!

Upon being introduced to these wide collars, the graphic designer in me saw a canvas with the potential to showcase some unique patterns. 

A quick overview of the pros and cons of our martingale collars:



  • Designed to be used on leash

  • Adjustable in sizing

  • When properly fitted, it’s slip-free

  • Much gentler than other collars

  • Unique patterns; various designs designs to choose from

  • Strong and durable materials

  • Soft webbing as backing

  • Great training tool

  • Not ideal for all-time wear

  • Not suitable for some small breeds