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All leads are made to order! The currently lead time is 5-6 working days before dispatched.

Marshmallow Rope Leash - Teal

$45.00 NZD
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Core Features

- Built with traditional splicing techniques, straight from the sailing industry, we use the most secure way to connect a rope. No knots to get in the way, or come undone.

- The wrist loop with its 350mm circumference hugs the wrist comfortably and securely. It will not slip off the wrist like some of those large, padded loops you often see.

- The aluminum swivel clip we use is very lightweight. At 15grams it won't drag your dog’s martingale down, and won’t bounce around like a bell. It’s very easy to clip on and off, producing a satisfying snap; and rotates smoothly, even under heavy load.

    While the aluminium swivel carabiners are strong, provide flexibility of use, and are completely secure when used with our collars; we've been made aware that there can be compatibility issues with the V-ring on Ruffwear harnesses, and very small and thin D-rings, offered on some small dog collars.

    We subsequently went about testing a lot of collars & harnesses, and a lot of new clips until we found something that seemed to fit all our usual criteria for a good clip, while improving compatibility and safety; and that's the new trigger clip!

    The trigger clip rope leashes are compatible with every collar / harness we've managed to find.

    Rope Leashes are strong and can be very long-lasting if they aren't too heavily abused. Below are some tips and tricks to help with preventative maintenance, and keep your leash long-lived.

    Ocean visits: Nothing likes saltwater. It brings death to all things metal. Post beach visits, you can rinse your leash with fresh water, and hang to dry. This isn't necessary, but if your leash is regularly going in the water, it can help prevent any salt build-ups in the rope, keeping it soft.

    The carabiner is made of aluminium, but there is a stainless steel spring that holds the gate close. This will need to be rinsed with clean water and dried. It's then best to follow this up with a drop of duck oil or machine oil, or a quick spray of WD40 to displace any residual water.

    Storage: Your leash will want to stay out of the sun and rain just like your dog! Keep it inside and out of the weather where possible.

    Every leash is handmade, so if like something but isn't the colour or length you want, or it's sold out? Please feel free to reach out through the contact form or message us on Facebook.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Thanks for the interest! Our leads are built to be strong. The rope and splice would be rated to 1500kg, the carabiner can handle up to 400kg. 

    We’re just a small home business, so don't have any formal warranty, but we’re always happy to help with any issues that might arise. Just get in touch!

    We actually made quite a lot of leashes for small breeds like Maltese and puppies and some long lines for cats haha. So far we have really good feedback from small breeds’owners. 

    The clips we use can seem quite large, but are very light! Most of our leashes are weighing only around 100 grams. 

    Yes, we can make it happen for you!

    Please feel free to reach out through the contact form or message us on Facebook.