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Woofo Coffee Wood Chew

$9.00 NZD
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A natural way to relieve stress.

Give your dogs the teeth-cleaning, satisfying chewing experience they love with our 100% natural, sustainably sourced coffee wood chews. They’re made from the branches of the coffee tree – this wood is a byproduct of coffee farming. And by selling it coffee farms in Vietnam are able to generate additional income while reducing waste!

They come in 3 sizes:
Small - 13cm x 2cm (<10kg dogs)
Medium - 16cm x 3cm (10 - 25kg dogs)
Large - 19cm x 4cm (25kg - 45kg dogs)

The sizing chart is a guideline only, if you know your dog is a powerful chewer, we recommend sizing up. 

The lifecycle 

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Frequently asked questions

It really depends on your pup’s chewing vigor and frequency, but choosing the right size is important to making sure you get the most out of your stick. If you know your dog is a powerful chewer, we recommend sizing up.

For our dog Teddy (the fawn Greyhound in the photo), he is quite a powerful chewer but he doesn’t chew it every single day, a large sized one lasted several weeks.

Coffee wood hardly splinters due to the extremely tight bond of the fibers and is significantly harder than the wood from our native forests. If they do manage to crack the wood; we recommend you monitor their use, and aim to replace it.